Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Week 3

Just a quick post before the upcoming holiday weekend. This is our first entire week in Ciudad Real without a Friday excursion. Instead, we are having a 4th of July party at the school. Not nearly the same as being home. I talked with some of the kids about this today. I know that they might be thinking about home a bit more this week. The game plan is to keep them busy. Thus, the party on Friday night. Their host families will be there and will bring typical foods to snack on. Since Spain won against Portugal last night, we have promised the students that we will all go out on Saturday evening to watch the next game. Many of them have really caught the World Cup fever. It is fun to be here when it's going on - I was here four years ago when it was in Germany. It's amazing how a sport can unite a country. I'm including some photos of the comedor where we eat lunch. Pilar, the woman who prepares the food, is great. I have liked almost everything we've eaten so far. I'm sure the kids might have very different opinions about the food. Most of them at least try everything. Today there was watermelon which was a big hit.

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