Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 15, 2010

The first days in Ciudad Real have been busy. As you might imagine, the students are still very excited and enthusiatic about their new surroundings. Everyone seems to be content with their host families. Yesterday we did general orientation and the students decided whether or not they wanted to participate in the choir or the drama for the Farewell Show. We have a large choir(18) and a small theater group
(9). This morning they took the preliminary exam. At the end of the program they will take another similar exam. They will get the results upon return to school in the fall. I am including a few pictures from the first day. They are not the best, as you can tell they were very tired by the afternoon session! Will be taking plenty of pictures during the excursion to Toledo on Friday. We have had unusually cool temperatures this week, but it is supposed to start heating up toward the weekend. Next we will be complaining about the heat - never satisfied!

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