Sunday, June 27, 2010

Week 2

This is the school - the blue building on the left is where we have class. The yellow building on the left is also part of the school and is where we will have the Farewell celebration.

The Plaza Mayor in Ciudad Real and the Don Quijote clock.

It was another busy week. The students are more and more comfortable in their new environment. This past week we settled into to the new routine which means that we have all of our classes before lunch, which begins around 1:45. The first week was a different schedule because the Spanish kids were still in school. We have a nice, long lunch break and then go back to school for theater and choir practice. On Thursdays after lunch, we have fun in the sun playing sports. The recreation area where we play is rather like an oven, lots of concrete and full sun. The kids take breaks as needed and drink plenty of agua. It's obvious that most of them really enjoy this part of the week. I will probably organize an outing to the pool on an upcoming Thursday because I can't take the heat.

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