Monday, July 12, 2010


I have neglected the blog this past week. Our Fourth of July fiesta was a success. The families all brought traditional Spanish foods and everyone seemed to have a good time. The next day was the quarterfinal Spain/Paraguay game. In the end, most of the kids watched the game with family and friends. A few of us went to the movie theater and watched the game in 3D. It was fun, but watching a game in 3D was a bit difficult because you have to constantly move your head with the ball. The next game against Germany was on July 7 and many of the students went to the Plaza Mayor in Ciudad Real. As you might imagine, the World Cup has been a main topic of conversation. Last night, for the final game everyone went to the Plaza Mayor again. There was a huge television at the far end of the plaza and it was full of people, a big street party. It was steamy, sweaty and smelly - not really my idea of fun. The kids, however, really enjoyed themselves. After the game, many of them jumped in the fountain at the other end of the Plaza Mayor. Being here during the World Cup has been quite an experience.

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  1. I cannot imagine the futbol fever in Spain. So happy for you all (and envious) that you were there for the World Cup and that SPAIN WON!! CAMPEONES>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>